What's Happening

We have recently applied for ClubGrant funding to upgrade our internet connection at the U3A SC Tura Centre. We’ve trialled and are now looking to purchase a 4G Mobile Hotspot. This will improve our download and upload speeds and, most importantly, will allow multiple users on the internet at any one time. Those of you who attended the Social Media course in 2017 will remember the difficulties of going online together. Managed by Bega Valley Shire Council, ClubGrants is a shared State Government and club industry program, funded by a gaming machine tax on registered clubs with gaming machine profits in excess of $1 million.

Our Brains’ Trust is a group of long time members, many of whom have contributed to the development of U3A SC over 20 years. The purpose of convening and consulting with the group is to tap into the wisdom, discernment and creativity of these experienced and committed U3Aers. Next meeting is Wednesday, 9 May at 2.00pm - 3.30pm, Tura Murang Library, key topic: 21st Birthday Celebrations.

National Volunteers Week is 21 -27 May, 2018. We always need help with leading courses, particularly in Bega. What’s your favourite interest….could you share it with others?

Have you thought to thank one of our volunteer leaders or committee members lately?

If you have any time available, even the smallest fraction, to help with our Technology team, Health & Wellbeing team, Programs team, Resources team, Publicity team or Office team please do contact Carolyn Smith, secretary on 0491 099 570

Futures’ Planning is now underway. John & Sue Mikus, backed by the other members of the Futures’ Planning team, Garry Clear, and Suzanne Simon have commenced connecting with members to discuss directions for U3A SC 5 years and beyond.

Term 2 Program

For Term 2 we have a six One-Offs for you to choose from: *Hearing Health Care for Adults, *Mogo Zoo Tour, *Media Bias: Who's responsible for it and why?, *Visit ABC South East Radio & Lunch, *Presentation Skills and Techniques, *Western Civilisation.

To find out more about any one of these engaging On-Offs just click >>>>> Term 2 One-Offs