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U3A is a voluntary organisation and without the help of our members cannot survive. There are many ways in which you can volunteer and we are always looking for new members willing to get involved.


One way is running a special-interest group. Many course leaders are members who have practised or taught their subject professionally for some years before retirement. Others are enthusiasts who are keen to share knowledge of their favourite hobby, pastime, or intellectual pursuit. What is your expertise or passion? 


Other volunteers are engaged in organisation, answering enquiries, joining up new members, helping people enrol in classes or book for outings and events, keeping the database up to date, and handling mail-outs.


Financial, legal and policy matters are dealt with by a committee of management elected annually. The committee meets monthly. Various committee members also take on responsibilities such as coordinating courses and course leaders, booking classrooms, running the office, organising social activities, and producing the newsletter.

Please take the time to consider how you might contribute and in turn reap the rewards of our organisation.


Volunteer opportunities exist in the following broad categories:

  • Management and administration

  • Volunteer management

  • Public relations               

  • Social/functions

  • Course Leader

  • Course Coordination

  • Course administration

  • Course documentation

  • Enrolments

  • Website Management

Go to the Contact Page if you would like to offer your services to our learning community.

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