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Nomadic Continents

This was the crazy idea that explained the planet. The thought that continents were adrift was ridiculed for a long time, until science delivered the evidence. It has shown, for example, that Australia is drifting northwards at 70km per million years (so no need to hang on to your hats :). What had previously been unexplainable - volcanos, earthquakes, mountain ranges, distant species affinities - were shown to have a simple explanation.

27th October

All the Kaiser's Men.jpg

All the Kaiser's Men in Australia

Dr Bruce Gaunsen is an active historian, writer and speaker who has expertise in many historical periods and particularly about Australia in World War 1. This session focuses on a German spy network that was active in all our ports and state capitals prior to the outbreak of World War 1. Their professional work was never detected , and is only emerging now because their reports were long ago placed in the German archives. What was their specific mission, who were they, and what became of them once the war began?

November 3


Artificial Intelligence

This interactive session with George Stone, from Bermagui U3A, will explore the benefits of Articial Intelligence (AI) throughout its history.
George will also delve into the current concerns including ethical considerations and the need for responsible regulation to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability. The session aims to provide a practical understanding of current AI tools, empowering participants to leverage AI effectively in their own endeavours and initiatives.

November 17

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