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Origami & Paper craft 

From balls to boxes, cranes, frogs and Pop Up cards; paper has been used for centuries to craft both decorative and useful creations.
Origami pieces traditionally use a single sheet of square paper but items such as wreaths and stars may be assembled from repeating individual modules.Other paper crafts involve cutting and gluing in various ways to create a collage or a woven item.


Legal and advocacy issues for older people 

The Seniors Rights Service is a government funded service that provides free legal and advocacy services to older peIople in NSW. One of its key roles is to raise awareness of the rights of older people.
To this end, Justine O'Reilly, Principal Solicitor from Shoalcoast Community Legal Services, and Pennelopy Tan from Seniors Rights Services Advocacy will present a two hour session covering those legal issues that become a concern as we get older.



An Interactive Experience @ PANBOOLA 

PANBOOLA meaning meeting of the waters is a conservation, restoration, educational and passive recreational and tourism project, embracing the history and diversity of the wetlands within the Pambula River floodplain.
Our guide Michelle has a wealth of information which she loves sharing.



Come and see what this club has on offer.
The Sapphire Coast Historic Vehicle Club supports the use of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles and motorbikes.
The club is in a rural setting and includes large clubrooms, a fully equipped workshop, plus exhibition & education pavilions with over 60 historical cars and a large tool collection. What hidden treasures!
This informative tour is arranged on a TUESDAY morning which is also a popular day for members to gather and work on their vehicles. 
After the TOUR enjoy a cuppa and have a yarn with some of the owners who are passionate about their wheels.


Charles Darwin's Grand Idea

In this talk, Paul Strutynski gives a simple outline of Charles Darwin's world-shaking idea: it wasn't a god that designed human kind, but nature - with a little help from a few billion years. 
Travel with Paul as he takes you on a journey inside the human mind from primordial graspings for how we got here to an insight of genius that revolutionised theology as well as science.

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