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Another Unpopular Talk: Russia/Ukraine

The world has a new flashpoint in Russia and Ukraine. In another of his 'the other side of the story' talks, Paul Strutynski is offering a one-off talk on the little-known Russian side of this hot issue. The aim, as always, is to help people understand both sides of important international issues so they can make a more balanced assessment of the situation.


Basket Weaving

This is an introduction to basket making, starting with a 'melon' basket. We'll use a selection of materials to build the frame, including wisteria, grapevine, and willow. And then any strong pliable fibres for the weaving eg red hot poker, NZ flax, cumbungi. You can use any materials that take your fancy to create a truly unique basket.


Computing - Being Connected

Julie Novotny is a mentor with the Be Connected initiative, a program designed to give people the resources to learn how to connect, and stay connected safely, in the digital age.
Julie is offering a series of workshops that will answer the questions that many of us struggle with - such as what is the clour, and how do you use it; how to manage our photos across multiple devices; how to identify and protect yourself from social media scams etc.

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