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  • How do I join or renew my membership in U3A?
    Current members with email addresses can renew their membership online through MyU3A using their log-on and password details, and new members are able to join up online through MyU3A, and pay their membership subscription. On MyU3A you can Renew your membership or join up using your PayPal account or a credit card via the Paypal site Change your personal details (address, email, phone numbers, emergency contact, etc.) Change your password. Enrol in a class (up to 2 yearlong/semester classes only until January)(see also Foreign Language Enrolment Rules) Withdraw from a class. Enter apologies for existing classes.
  • How do I find what classes are on?
    Details of classes are all easily searchable online. Go to the Courses Tab on this web page.There is also a Class Schedule printed and distributed at the start of each term.
  • Can I enrol in a class without registering on the website?
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  • When do classes start?
    Generally, class term dates coincide with Department of Education dates. Some classes commence on other dates, and these are given specifically in the details for those classes.
  • Why is my attendance at each class recorded on a class sheet?
    Persons present at a U3A Sapphire Coast class, whether tutor or students, whose attendance is not shown on the class sheet may have difficulty in making a claim in respect of any injury they might suffer by attending that class. That is why the Management Committee is insistent on the class sheets being filled out for every class it conducts as part of its duty of care to the U3A Sapphire coast membership.
  • What if the Class has no vacancy?
    If a Class is full you will be put on a waiting list. Check your status by logging into MyU3A.
  • I have registered on the website, but the password I received does not work ?"
    The password sent to you by automatic email is made up of a random combination of UPPER CASE letters, lower case letters and numbers. Make sure it is typed in exactly as it is received. Password errors are commonly caused by: entering letters with the "CAPS LOCK" function turned ON, or entering numbers by using the numeric keypad with "NUM LOCK" function turned OFF. When you are correctly logged in, a new menu area titled MEMBER AREA will appear. In this area, to change your password and/or username, click the menu item labelled CHANGE PASSWORD.
  • What is a "PDF" ?"
    PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a standard file format used to represent documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and/or operating systems. U3A uses the PDF file format when sending documents by email, or when storing documents on the website for down-loading. Software to read PDF files can be downloaded FREE from
  • How do I become a Volunteer Tutor?
    Tutors are very important to us, and we would not exist without them. If you have been thinking of becoming a tutor or starting a discussion group, please see our 'Offer a Course' page under the 'Take a Role' heading.
  • What are the Tura Beach Centre Office Hours?
    Office hours are every Friday during the term from 1:00pm - 3:30pm.
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