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General Disclaimer for U3A Courses and Activities
The courses and activities provided by U3A Sapphire Coast Inc are intended to supply only general information to participants and in no way constitute professional advice upon which any participant should rely. Any comments made and views expressed by course/activity leaders are not to be taken as endorsed by U3A.

Many U3A courses and activities involve some element of risk. Bushwalking, for example, is an inherently dangerous activity and requires an appropriate level of fitness. While U3A Sapphire Coast Inc maintains public liability insurance and will endeavour to protect participants' safety, it is not possible to remove all the dangers. By attending a course or event participants consider themselves to have appropriate levels of fitness, mobility, a knowledge of their own limitations and an awareness of any safety requirements and dangers associated with the course or activity. Those attending any courses or activities participate at their own risk.

U3A Sapphire Coast Inc, its committee and course/activity leaders do not accept responsibility for any physical, financial or other losses or other disadvantages suffered by participants in any U3A activities or events. Any person, member or non-member, attending a course/activity is deemed to accept this Disclaimer and the limitation of the liability of U3A Sapphire Coast Inc, its Committee, its members and Course or Event Leaders.

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