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The following principles are based on the philosophy of the UK Founder of the U3A movement, Dr Peter Laslett.

• To provide affordable learning opportunities for older people, using the skills and abilities of the members themselves;

• Those who learn shall teach and those who teach shall learn, and there shall be no distinction between the two;

• There shall be no qualification for membership, and no awards, degrees and diplomas shall be given;

• The emphasis shall be on learning for the love of it, and shall include an emphasis on the values of making things and improving skills of all kinds;

• Learning shall take place in a friendly, supportive and social environment; • Those joining U3A shall pay for its upkeep;

• There shall be no payment to any person (member or non-member) for teaching or providing a service to members except in the case of reimbursement for such expenses as travel, photocopying, etc.;

• The curriculum of a U3A shall be determined by the needs/preferences of members and according to the resources available to it; and

• To be at all times, non-political and non-sectarian in our approach. 

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