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Step 1.  Enquiry.(Secretary) Online enrolment is directly processed by Chris as described in Step 2,  However, if required, Carolyn, will take the enquiry and direct the person to complete a membership form, accessible online or  available from the U3A Tura Centre. 


Step 2.  Enrolment:(Treasurer)   On receipt of the enrolment form & payment, Chris, processes the fee and enrols the new member, with their details, in the MyU3A database.   Chris also registers renewals on the  MyU3A database.  


Step 3.  Welcome to U3A SC.(Wellness & Care Team)  Depending on the method of payment, information is sent to Nan, in either of the following ways:    

  1.  When paid by paypal, a .csv file, derived from the database, is sent via email. 

  2.  When paid by cheque or cash, the enrolment form, if provided, or just the member’s name is forwarded

Nan sends the appropriate welcome and lists person for membership badge.  


(Step 4. Issue of Membership Badge:  When the list is at 10 new members, xx(perhaps Barb P?) will organise the printing and distribution.)

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