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Meet John Fuary

John Fuary at St Joseph's..jpg

John Fuary is the ever-patient teacher of Arabicfor U3ASC. Prior to retirement, John was a pharmacist who workedfor a while in SaudiArabia, having studied a second degree in Arabicat the ANU as a mature student. Finding the Near-Eastern culture fascinating, John and his wife, Sue, travelled widely through other countries such as Jordan, Syria and Egypt.

John began teaching Arabic for U3A around six years ago and provides encouraging and often humorous classes to stimulate ageing brains!

John enjoys learning new things and if nothing else, keeps the Arabic class entertained with anecdotes of his current interests - which range from learning to play guitar and Ukulele, keeping chickens and guinea fowl, as well as bees. John has always been interested in bees and is now a beekeeper producing delicious honey which he calls ‘In Your Dreams, Honey’! Another of John’s interests is weaving, which originated when he helped his daughter make a back-strap loom at school.

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