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Taiko Drumming
The Amazing Greys
Adventure Walking Group
Adventure Walking Group
Adventure Walking Group
Adventure Walking Group
Wine Appreciation Group
Adventure Walking Group
Adventure Walking Group
Adventure Walking Group
Wine Appreciation Group
Entertaining at the Library
Entertaining at the Library

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

Henry Ford

Latest News

New One-Offs

  • The Murray River - Up Close and Personal - Wednesday 1 March

  • Spencer Park Critter Walk - Tuesday 7 March

U3A Sapphire Coast Newsletter January

  • Find out what's been happening.

Renew Your Membership

  • Now's the time to renew your enrolment in our U3A for next year. As you know the enrolment fee is only $30 per year, which is one of the lowest on offer anywhere.

  • To renew your membership online as an existing member, go to our U3A Sapphire Coast website, then click on the Join Now or Renew menu item, then on Join or Renew Online. Next, click on Already a Member, then log-in on the member log-in page that pops up. Your membership page will then

  • pop up, and you should follow the prompts from there.

  • New Members:

  • Anne Atkins Susan Martin-Smith Kristine Stewart

  • If you're having any problems, our wonderful office volunteers who staff the Tura Beach Centre every Friday afternoon between 1:30 and 3:30pm (via the back door) can help you out.

  • You will need to enrol separately for individual courses, and next year's course offering is now being made available on our website.

Course Leader Vacancies

  • Program Team - supporting all of our course leaders, maintaining the MyU3A database of courses, identifying new course and one-off opportunities and supporting new course leaders to set up and advertise their courses. We provide training- just basic IT skills needed.

  • New Course and One-Off LeadersWe really need to build our program offerings to keep our members engaged and to attract new members. Any skills, interests - whether professional or hobby - are potential courses or one-offs, and we'll provide as much support as the potential leader needs.

  • • One-Off or Workshop Leaders Bermagui U3A

  • Whether you are a current or former U3ASC presenter, we would be most appreciative if you are prepared to reprise your one-off for Bermagui U3A, as part of a reciprocal arrangement.

  • Two of our most popular courses are currently not operating due to their Course Leaders moving away from the area. These courses are Critiquing Cinema and the Computer Group.

  • If you would like to see these Courses continue, and would be prepared to give the Course Leader position a go, please contact the Program Team Leader:

  • Sue O’Loughlin, at OR 0439 809 237.

Enrolling in U3ASC Courses

  • The details of all courses and one-off events are published on the U3ASC website before the start of each new school year, with an update prior to the commencement of each new school term. New activities can also be published as and when they are arranged, so I recommend that you keep a regular check on our website.

  • Program details can be found by selecting the Courses tab.

U3A Centre Office Hours
  • U3ASC Office is open every Friday afternoon except public holidays and school holidays.

  • Our hours are: 1:30 to 3:30 pm

  • Admin/Office Email:


  • The Friday afternoon Office session will be conducted at the Tura Beach Centre - Main Room (entry via back door), until further notice.

  • The last office day for 2022 will be Friday 16 December, resuming after the school holidays. on Friday 27 January.

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