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'Anyone who stops learning is old, whether 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young'

Henry Ford



A New Year Begins - Don't forget to register

Term begins on Tuesday, January 30. Make sure you pay your $30 registration fee either online or at the office on Fridays between 1:30-3:30pm. Remember, you cannot attend classes until you enrol.


Become a Course Leader

There's lots of great reasons to put your hand up to lead a course - it's fun, you can share your unique knowledge with like-minded people and... you'll get to attend the annual U3A Course Leaders' party, held to thank our course leaders for the amazing job they do. Here's some pics from our party in December 23 last year - great food and a chance to meet each other and to welcome new course leaders such as Belinda Jermyn (Cribbage). Also, to farewell the lovely Sue O'Loughlin as our retiring Program Team Leader - thanks again Sue. Running a course not for you? Maybe you have an idea for one, be it long, short or a one-off event. Our new program team leader Jane Thomson, would love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see in our 2024 program. If you know someone you think might be a great pre- senter on an interesting topic, Jane would be happy to hear from you at


Upcoming Short Courses

• Model Ship Building, An Introduction to the Art - Friday 15 & 22 March 2024 • An Introduction to Bees - Fridays 1,8,15 & 22 March


Office Hours

The U3ASC Office at the Tura Beach Centre is open every Friday afternoon except public holidays and school holidays. Our hours are: 1:30 to 3:30 pm Admin/Office Email:


U3A Newsletter January 2024

Keep up with what's been happening...


One Offs

* Wallagoot Walk and Wallow - Friday, 1st March * Spencer Park Critter Wade - Thursday, 7th March * Poetry Reading - Saturday, 9th March * Mira, Mira Where are You? - Friday, 5th April


Understanding Bushfires Presentation Review

Bruce Leaver had us glued to our seats as he presented graphic bushfire footage accompanied by the science and physics of bushfires, why they behave the way do and the weather conditions that help to create them. Interestingly, Victoria is the state most afflicted by bushfires due to its geographical location and the influence of weather fronts moving through desert areas before reaching that state. Bruce, with his extensive experience in all levels of fire control and fire protection management helped us to understand how to interpret levels of risk and to prepare our properties as means of minimising that risk. The combination of extreme heat, low humidity and strong winds create conditions of high risk but there are practical things you can do before you decide the safest option of leaving early. Now is the time to start and if you haven’t begun already the RFS website is worth a look for information about planning and preparing your property, ideally before the commencement of the bushfire season However, with changing and unpredictable weather patterns being so prevalent now, most seasons could be considered as potential bushfire seasons so get cracking. Kaye Separovic Course Attendant. ​

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