“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

Henry Ford

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U3ASC Newsletter May 2020

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Preventing Dementia Online Course

Over 100,000 people have already enrolled in the Preventing Dementia MOOC since its inception. This represents 100,000 people, just like you, who have previously taken up the opportunity to enrol in this free online course to examine the latest evidence and learn ways to reduce dementia risk.

Course opens: 12th May 2020
Course duration: 4 weeks
Estimated effort: 2 hours per week

Course access: Day or night, on your smart phone, tablet or computer
Course closes: 26th June 2020 (content is accessible across 6 weeks)

This is not a U3A Course.

ZOOM One- Off

The Case Against God.

Billions have believed in the existence of God. But how well does that belief stand up to modern scrutiny? For example, is alleged personal contact with God proof of actual contact? Is God the only possible explanation for the apparent design we see in nature? Couldn't you believe in anything on faith? Is the comfort of a belief any indication of its truthfulness? Join Paul Strutynski as he outlines the modern case against God's existence. He contrasts the weak arguments for God existing, and creating us, with the strong grounds for God himself being a human creation.

Course Leader: Paul Strutynski Email: paul.strutynski@gmail.com

When: Friday 15th May 2020  10.00 - 12.00 pm 

Where: Via Zoom connection. Link to be provided to enrolled members.

Programs Team Contact: kayeseparovic@gmail.com

ZOOM in on Learning

Online Calendar for ZOOM now in Members Area.

Zoom is a remote online meeting service which combines video conferencing, chat and various other functions.

Our Italian course, led by Teresa Hamer, has now resumed by using Zoom. The enrolled

participants are invited into the online meeting room at the appointed time. All the participants can see each other and the course leader. Teresa uses material from her computer desktop and a virtual whiteboard to continue teaching Italian.

The Pro version of Zoom is now available for our course leaders to conduct U3ASC online courses. If you’d like to use the app for your course, please connect with your Programs’ Team Contact (PTC) and they will help you to schedule a session to learn how to use Zoom. If you’re already a practised user, contact your PTC for the U3ASC log-in detail to continue your course through this time of social isolation.

U3A Centre Office Hours and Phone Number


Need to drop in a form? Need to speak to somebody about U3A? Just want a cuppa or chat?

U3A Sapphire Coast SUMMER Office hours are Fridays from 1:30pm - 3:30pm at the Tura Beach Centre.  The Office will be closed during NSW School Holidays.

Volunteers will be available to take enquiries both at the Centre, and on our phone number - 0491099570

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